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Real Work for Real Pay.


The “Texas Beacons of Excellence” Project will provide Texans with disabilities an alternative path away from subminimum pay and toward a competitive workforce. The goals of this project are to develop a replicable model and scalable plan to be used across the state, and to move at least 10 percent of Texans with disabilities currently receiving subminimum wages into Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE) over the next 5 years.


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People with Disabilities &

Family Members

Yes, you or your family member with a disability can work! Learn more about competitive integrated employment (CIE)...


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Educators, Staff &

VR Professionals

Educators, staff and VR professionals can help educate and prepare people with disabilities to enter the workforce!


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Employers &


People with disabilities are incredibly hard working and dependable employees and should be a part of your workforce!